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Welcome to Watersolutions drilling company ltd

This company started operations in 2004 and has its head offices at the PPF Olorien Njiro business complex in Arusha, Tanzania.


Enable sustainable water supply for domestic, agriculture, livestock and commercial use by reaching underground source through borehole drilling.


To provide water well drilling services in the most efficient and ethical manner, far exceeding client’s expectation.


To grow steadily and diligently becoming major underground water resource developing company in East and Central Africa.

Our Services

Hydro-geological Survey

We study the area of geology that deals with the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the Earth's crust (commonly in aquifers).

Borehole Design

Choosing the depth, diameter and lining materials of the borehole.


Drilling technique to be used so as to maximise the yield of the borehole.

Groundwork & Pump installation

Installation of submersible pumps and water distribution systems.

Borehole Development

Occasionally, boreholes drilled into the chalk aquifer may need to be developed to increase performance or rehabilitated due to blockage by incrustations.

Trouble shooting old boreholes

Including equipment failure, depletion of the aquifer, borehole stability, incrustation, corrosion and aquifer problems.


Most of the power systems installed by Watersolutions are electrical, solar-array and inverter combined with battery storage. A generator can be assigned for backup purposes in poor sun months and for increased power security.

  • Grundfos SP submersible pumps are renowned for their high efficiency and reliability throughout the range. Made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, SP pumps are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Grundfos SP pumps are built to deliver optimum efficiency during periods of high demand, and they provide low long-term costs and high operating reliability. The range offers high efficiency, high resistance to sand and other abrasives, motor burnout protection, and easy maintenance. Furthermore, a complete monitoring and control system is available for constant optimisation of the pumping system.

  • WILO
  • Motors and pump ends certified to NSF/ANSI 61. Vertical and horizontal installation possible. Motors up to 250 HP. Control boxes and VFD’s available. NEMA standard mounting specs. High quality shaft bearings. Check valve standard on all model. Stainless Steel Construction

  • Asynchronous two-poles submersible motor, made in AISI 304 stainless steel for parts in contact with water. Cooling and lubrication of the thrust bearing assembly and carbon bushes is provided by a mixture of water and glycol. Motor suitable for use with (60 Hz) frequency drive. For the single-phase 60 Hz version the thermal protection is included in the motor (from 0,5 HP to 1 HP).


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Management Team

  • Vincent N. Shirima- Managing Director
  • Mayasa Mhina-Human resources, Statics & Office Management Manager
  • Mziba Furaha – Logistics Manager
  • Samson Michael Viyuyi – Accounts Manager
  • Tumain Matete _ Technical & Operations Manager

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PPF Olorien Njiro Arusha TANZANIA

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+255754 691256